The issue of NANO-SAFETY must be addressed in a systematic manner to ensure that the key elements are investigated and methodologies developed to provide safety for people and the environment.

Safety - paramount in the workplace and the environment-is especially important for developments in nanotechnology, in which case material properties may be completely unknown. NANO-SAFETY requires many things: knowledge of effects, understanding of particle behavior, toxic effects depending on the application, residual impact on the environment, etc. The areas of understanding can be characterized in a number of categories, which include: 1) Material Properties; 2) Impact on People and the Environment; 3) Handling of Nanomaterials; and 4) Business Focus.

As part of an overall effort to address the issues of NANO-SAFETY, efforts are underway to develop alliances to investigate issues and provide direction for the solution to potential problems that are uncovered. Each of the categories indicated above are a major effort. As items and information are developed, links will be provided to assist others in the development of a greater undertanding of the issues and solutions. A White Paper on NANO-SAFETY is available at Please ensure to reference the source to assist in promoting this improtant effort.

This effort includes a number of ogranizations, with the focal point being the Nanomaterials Application Center at Texas State University-San Marcos.

Material on this site may be employed for furthering the issues of NANO-SAFETY as long as proper credit is given as to the source of the material.